Pretty Leaves


Hey y’all! This is so random… but since I’m trying to add some “pretty” in with all the “practical” I’ve been posting, I just had to post this picture I took of a plant growing beside the lake outside my office. I was sitting out there at lunchtime trying to get a shot of vitamin D, and I must confess… I was a little jealous that his only job is to sit around and turn sunlight into food. (Photosynthesis, schmotosynthesis.) 

Just kidding – plants are the best! (Thanks for the oxygen, by the way.) And what a good looking guy! His leaves are impressive… I could get lost in all those shades and stripes and curves and… wait, what were we talking about?

OK, I probably sound like I watched Fern Gully one too many times as a kid, but seriously, it’s hard NOT to appreciate the simple-yet-mind-blowingly-complex beauty of nature. I, for one, find great joy in noticing things that are just nice to look at.

When I was little, I collected “pretty rocks” — always thrilled to find a piece of quartz and proudly present it to my parents in exchange for a shower of praise for my unique find. Nowadays I’m more likely to collect snaps of trees, flowers, moss… whatever pretty thing I see. I have always loved taking pictures, and nature makes the perfect subject. Beautiful, undemanding, and ever so patient.

I wish I knew the name of this particular plant… I Googled “Georgia, plant, large leaves, light and dark green stripes” and came up with a bazillion pictures of hostas (which I also happen to love!). I may have to consult my landscaping buddy and get his expert botanical opinion.

Anyway, here’s hoping you also get to enjoy something colorful, outdoorsy, or just plain pretty today!


OK so as amazing as I thought this guy’s leaves were, check out the flowers!! Now I’m truly impressed. Those stalks must be 7 or 8 feet tall. Amazing!



House Gets a New Hat!

House Gets a New Hat!

New roof – “Tweed Blend” 3-tab shingles from Tamko

What a relief to have a brand new roof over our heads. For as much as I hated the brown in the kitchen, I sure do love it against the brick tones of the outside of our house!

It looks warmer than before and pulls in the brown tones from the brick. What do you think?

Before - old (VERY old) gray roof

Before – old (VERY old) gray roof