Gold and Charcoal Mama-Cave-Slash-Nursery


Hello, gorgeous! This beautiful room is the brainchild of my bestest friend and partner-in-crafting-crime. And it’s for her baby. Crafting win!

Glam, gold, gray

For those moms who are brave and patient enough to wait on finding out their baby’s sex,  the nursery decor can certainly present a challenge. My best friend is in that exact situation, but it seems she has never once wavered on her design direction. Since they decided to wait for the big surprise, she wanted to get away from the pastel, baby-ish decor and do a room that would feel soothing to her and still appropriate for their little one.

The colors: gold, black, white, gray.

The theme: “glamorously whimsical”

(I’m officially calling it “glamsical.” Or, “glam-sicle” if I may hereby coin a flavor for future frozen treat marketing.)

ANWAY, our goal was to make a collage of different coordinating pieces to achieve the overall look and feel of baby-cuteness and mama-sophistication for a boy or girl. Enough with the words… let’s just get to the pictures!!

First, we grabbed some blank paper and created an arrangement on the floor to see what kinds of pieces we needed to create. This helped us create a list of how many canvases, frames, etc. we would need to purchase at the craft store.


If you look closely, you can see we even sketched out the content of each piece.

Then, we went shopping and *wiggles nose* created all this good stuff!





We made the alphabet printable in Word and printed it from the computer before filling in a few letters with glitter and sticking it in a basic black frame.



You can see I practiced my technique on some printer paper first! I made the circles with 2 different shot glasses dipped in paint.



Jess went behind me and filled in all the circles and added glitter when warranted.





We printed a deer silhouette offline and cut it out to trace it onto our little 8×8 canvas


Filled him in with craft glue using a paint brush and topped him off with gold glitter.

For the "Y," we got a wood block and a premade white letter from Michaels.

For the “Y,” we got a wood block, painted it black, and hot glued on a premade white letter from Michaels. So simple, cute, elegant, and easy!

We sketched this design out on a piece of scrap paper before we traced it onto the canvas and added paint. We decided to add a second thin line to each side later on once we slept on it.


She got the gold stickers off line. The pillow was a quick makeover of an existing pillow form.

For the pillow, we used my handy no-sew hot glue technique to cover her nice pillow that just didn’t match the current decor. So easy! We covered it with 3/4 of a yard of fabric that we got on sale at Joann’s and added a black felt cutout heart (again with hot glue).


How about a little pano for the full effect!?


 Don’t you just love it!?

Description of various pieces (left to right, and also possibly up to down, if you can follow)

Gosh, I’m bad at the detail work when it comes to explaining the step-by-step process. Hopefully, this helps decipher which pieces are which!

1. Alphabet + I heart U (printable with glitter and frame)

2. “Let them be little” hanging quote (a gift from her sweet sister)

3. Framed fabric left over from pillow

4. 9×12 canvas with gold and glitter circles

5. Deer head glitter silhouette on 8×8 canvas

6. Initial plaque – white letter on painted wooden square (hung with ribbon hot glued to back)

7. “You are our greatest adventure” black and white printable in a frame

8. Gold chevrons on 9×12 canvas.

9. Black felt heart on gold polka dotted scrapbook paper in a frame

10. 8×10 canvas covered in printed fabric (secured with hot glue)

Oh my gosh y’all, it turned out so awesome and we were just so pleased with ourselves! Hooray for this glittery, “glamsical” mama cave!







2 thoughts on “Gold and Charcoal Mama-Cave-Slash-Nursery

  1. Kim says:

    I really love the colors my color schemes though out my home are exactly the same however that wall color I’ve tried to find what paint and color is it i had to repaint my daughter’s room because i bought Behr paint but it had a blue tint I’m so 😩

    • Little Ellie Originals says:

      Hi Kimberly – Glad you like it! I believe her color was Valspar “Rugged Suede.” It’s a nice, neutral medium gray.

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