As in, WHERE to put it? I am amazed at how many little plastic containers we have accumulated over the years. And each size has its purpose – soup, chicken, sides, sandwiches, etc. I did manage to pare down our collection a little bit, but still wound up with a huge stack of unsightly plastic containers and NOWHERE to put them. Sadly, they lived in a chair in the dining room for several weeks once we unpacked everything and discovered there was no room for them in the inn the kitchen.

Well, remember this little guy? (Check out his whack-to-black makeover here!)


I must confess, part of the reason I picked him up was for the extra storage potential in the bottom shelves. They looked just the right size for a big ol’ basket to hold any numbers of things I wanted kept out of sight. Of all the reasons to buy a piece of furniture, tupperware storage has to be one of the silliest. But after discussing the matter with a couple of friends, I realized just how prevalent and maddening this particular storage problem is! With all the different shapes and sizes, plus the added challenge of finding exactly the right lid, it’s enough to warrant a few deep breathing exercises. Talk about first world problems!

So after several weeks I tracked down just the right size basket at Homegoods. I think I paid $14.99, which is about the going rate.


And behind the curtain, my big mess of tupperware containers!! Ta-da!


You wouldn’t believe what a difference this has made to have a dedicated place for those things – and especially that it’s hidden away and doesn’t have to look pretty. Because let’s face it, they are just going to get thrown in there any-which-way, forever and ever, amen.

Hooray for sneaky storage!!


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