A long overdue house update! Plus a Goodwill makeover

Howdy, friends! So, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. 😐 Things have gotten quite busy on the work front, and consequently my free time had dwindled. But no excuse — I have been taking on little mini projects around the house and have gotten a lot done!

Thanks to a generous Home Depot gift card we got for our housewarming, we were able to update our super sixties foyer light with something more modern. I love this trellis pattern!


Much better, no? I just love it and think it makes our entryway look brighter and fresher!

We also finally got some cabinet and drawer pulls put on in the kitchen. We picked oil rubbed bronze to break up all the whiteness of the cabinets. Don’t worry – full kitchen photo update is coming soon! Currently finishing the polycryllic coat and picking the wall color. 🙂 Also, that dishwasher is being replaced AS WE SPEAK with one that will actually fit a standard 12″ dinner plate!


We also ripped off the bandaid and unpacked all 20 of our remaining boxes that were mostly filled with china and stemware. The result was a big mess of dishes and with nowhere to put them!


They used to all fit in our cabinets but the new place is slightly storage challenged in the dish/kitchen department (great storage everywhere else, though!)

So I decided I needed a new cabinet to store my non-glass pieces like ice cream dishes, sugar and cream containers, and tea pots. Hello, Goodwill!

I found this little number for about $20. The bottom door is missing but I plan to get some big baskets and store our one bazillion tupperware containers in there.


All he needed was a good cleaning and a new finish. And since everything I’ve painted so far was white, I went with black! (Daring, I know!)

Here’s the before and after:


I’m going to give the paint a few more days to cure before I load him up! I’ll be sure to post the full story when I’m all done. 🙂


Yours belatedly

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