Kitchen, Before

Kitchen, Before

First things first… let’s talk about the kitchen. First of all, the family who lived here before us did TONS of updates. Added cabinets, new finish, new floors, new layout, new sink and faucet… lots of updates. (Someday I’ll show you the original 1960s kitchen photos.)  Still, I can’t leave anything alone and I have a definite *thing* for white cabinets. The insides were raw wood, mostly original to the home, and very hard to wipe clean. The outsides were, well… distressed. Intentionally. The counters are wood, which in theory sounds fabulous but with the brown floors, brown walls, and brown cabinets… they just get lost. The plan – countless coats of semigloss white paint plus weeks upon weeks of manual labor. Sounds like a good deal! A few more “befores,” then we’ll  get started…

So much brown!

So much brown!

Scary and dark inside! Not to mention hard to clean…

The “nook,” as we’re calling it. A nice little setup to support our coffee habit, but also very brown.

So, you can see I have my work cut out for me. (I’ll leave the husband out of this for now… but I trust it will evolve into a definite “WE” situation before all is said and done.) Now… off to the first of many trips to the hardware store for paint supplies!

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